[Flex]Adobe Flash Player Beta 2发布

下载:Adobe Flash Player Beta 2 for Windows
下载:Adobe Flash Player Beta 2 for Linux
下载:Adobe Flash Player Beta 2 for MacOS

具体如何制作Flash Player 10的程序,请看这里:

  1. Important: All users should uninstall any currently installed Flash Player before installing the beta.

  2. Download and install Flash Player 10

    Important: Installing the Flash Player beta means you have accepted the terms of the Adobe Software License Agreement. This is a beta, not a final release.

  3. See the Product Details section for more information about this release.
  4. View the interactive feature demos and watch the feature tour videos
  5. Test existing content and applications, and visit your favorite websites to ensure Flash Player 10 works as expected.
  6. Download a Flex SDK daily build to start developing content targeting Flash Player 10
  7. Download the ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference, which provides information on the syntax and usage of the new APIs in Flash Player 10
  8. Send us your feedback and bug reports (English only)
  9. Ask questions and share your feedback in the Flash Player 10 discussion forum

PS:Flash Player 10是一个测试版本,建议仅作为测试使用:)