[Flex]Flex Builder再见!Flash Builder你好!

When you build applications in Flex Builder, you’re building them with the open source Flex Framework and ActionScript. The applications then get compiled in to a SWF-file that runs in the Flash Player. When talking to customers, I regularly got asked if you needed “Flex Player” installed to run an application and that is exactly the type of confusion that we want to solve. By renaming Flex Builder to Flash Builder, there is no doubt what you are going to build using this product. You’re going to build an application that will run on the ubiquitous and trusted Flash Player.
Flex Builder将改名为Flash Builder,其实Kenshin个人认为这是一个利好的消息,利好的原因有下几点:
      因为微软的Flash杀手:Silverlight在3.0版本的时候就可以支持类似于AIR的技术了,但是名称却没有改变,我觉得这就是命名策略。显然Adobe在这方面做的就不是太好了,Flash → Flex → AIR,每个都是新东西,其实它们又都是旧东西,其实说到根本都是ActionScript 3.0而已!