[css]一些css design的网站

我在这里找到的一些css design的网站,做一个backup。

7 steps to better handheld browsing - Very interesting article from Colly
A CSS Framework - Following on from his previous article, Mike discusses the idea of developing your own CSS framework.
A List Apart - Excellent collection of web design and CSS related articles
A Practical Start to Web Standards - Nice article on the problems and pitfalls involved in moving to a standards based design approach.
A simple introduction to 3 column layouts - Say's it all really.
A touch of class - skinable Javascript - Nice little article about swapping classes using the DOM.
Accessible Image-Tab Rollovers
Accessible Image-Tab Rollovers - Image replacement and follow up post
Airtight Corners - Simple yet clever rounded corner box method utilising a singe image.
An Introduction to Client-Side XSLT - A great little intro to XML and XSLT over at Digital Web
Applied CSS Management and Optimization - Part two.
Auto-height and margin-collapsing - You learn something new every day!
BLUEROBOT.COM - More great CSS layouts
Block vs. Inline - Useful three part series looking at bloc level and inline elements.
Box Model Hack - The infamous hack
British Flag in CSS - One for the methinks
Build A Simple Style Switcher in CSS
CSS 101 - Simple CSS primer.
CSS 2 Selector Fundamentals - Nice little article on selectors
CSS Based Design - Matrix Style
CSS Bugs in IE5 Mac - Exactly what it says on the tin
CSS Buttons
CSS Cheat Sheet - From another Brightonain
CSS Crib Sheet - CSS do's and dont's over at Mezzoblue
CSS Discuss - Great CSS mailing list
CSS Discuss Wiki - Excellent CSS resources from the above list
CSS From the Ground Up - Excellent introduction to CSS
CSS Hacks - List of filters for when you just can't get it to work in one browser
CSS Help Pile - Links and discussion about the best CSS resources available on the web
CSS Hints for IE 5 Mac - Even more IE5 Mac bugs, this time from apple
CSS Negotiation and a Sanity Saving Shortcut - Article on the authors CSS design methodology
CSS Organization Tip 1: Flags - Interesting post from Doug. Worth reading the comments as well.
CSS Panic Guide - Help tracking down CSS bugs
CSS Positioning - From Brainjar
CSS Positioning Properties - Short tutorial about CSS positioning
CSS Problem-Solving - Way's to debug CSS
CSS Support in Safari - Strainght from the source
CSS Support in Safari - I wish all browser manufacturers would do this. Even better would be if they published a list of known bugs and workarounds.
CSS Vault - Links to great looking CSS sites and CSS resources
CSS Zen Garden - Great showcase promoting CSS design
CSS from the Ground Up - Intro to CSS
CSS rollovers with no prealoading
CSS/edge - Eric Meyers CSS musings
CSS3 Compatibility Tables - Which modern browsers support which CSS3 selectors.
CSS: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly by Douglas Bowman - Nice presentation discussing techniques such as CSS image replacement
Clearing a float container without source markup - Very interesting, if overly hacky way of clearing floats.
Clearing a float container without source markup - One of several non-structural clearing methods. It's a bit hackey and has been around a while, but may come in useful on occasion.
Columnswapping - An innovative�though complicated�way of creating equal length columns in CSS.
Creating Liquid Layouts with Negative Margins - Always nice to rediscover old articles. I don't make half as much use of negative margins as I should.
Creating a Star Rater using CSS - Nice little tutorial on creating a rating widget using XHTML/CSS
Cross Browser PNG Support, At Last! - An interesting way to get IE5.5x to support PNG alpha channels.
Cross-Browser CSS :focus - Keep coming across this technique and forgetting to post about it. Based on whatever:hover this technique provides IE5 support for the :focus pseudo class.
DOCTYPE grid - Interesting table outlining which mode various browsers render in depending on doctype.
DOCTYPES not relevant? - Molly talks Doctypes.
Designing Data Part 1 - How to structure a data table
Designing Data Part 2 - How to style a data table
Designing Data Part 2: Adding Style - Styling data tables
Designline - Each time you save your HTML/CSS file, take a screenshot of your design in the browser. String it together as an animation and you'll end up with a fascinating historical timeline of your development process.
Developing With Web Standards - Detailed article on web standards from Roger Johansson of 456 Berea Street
Discussing CSS Management and Optimization - Part one of two.
Displaying URLs of Links When Printing - Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Dynamic Content with DOM-2 - A two part introduction to DOM scripting from the nice people at Apple
Elastic Faux Columns
Embedding flash without using embed
Eric Meyer - Turning the Tables Using CSS - Nice 2 page article about Eric Meyer and CSS over at Apple Pro.
Eric Meyer on Floats - Eric outlines a common problem people have with floats
Fahrner image replacement technique - Replacing images using CSS
Filtering CSS - Doug talks about a new filter for IE5/Mac
Flash of Unstyled Content - Particular CSS bug outlined at bluerobot
Flexible box with custom corners and borders - Roger Johansson of 456 Berea Street has been going box crazy of late. This is his most recent post but also see CSS Teaser Box, CSS teaser box revisited and Flexible news list for more box madness.
Float Theory - How floats work
Float Tutorial - Excellent tutorial about,you guessed it,floats
Flowing and Positioning - Does exactly what it says on the thin
Fluid Flash - Flexible Flash King-fu
FooterStick - CSS footer tutorial
Full CSS Property Compatibility Chart - One of the most complete CSS property browser compatibility charts I've seen.
Gilder Image Transform Technique - More CSS image replacement
Global White Space Reset - Nice little post about resetting browser default padding and margins. Also I've not tried it yet, but this comment about setting global text size seems like a logical and interesting idea.
Google Highlighting - Using Javascript and the DOM to highlight google search terms.
Graphical Headings - Image replacement technique that works with images turned off
HTML Dog - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced CSS tutorials
HasLayout Overview - The Wonderful World of HasLayout. A must read of anybody who has ever struggled with an IE related CSS bug.
Hi-Fi Design with CSS by Douglas Bowman - Some cool ways to use CSS
Hide CSS from browsers - Chart outlining support for various @import methods and associated hacks.
Highlighting Current Page with CSS - From Hicksdesign
Holy CSS Zeldman - Great title and great collection of CSS links.
How To Attack An Internet Explorer (Win) Display Bug - Useful bug checking article
How to bluff your way in CSS - The notes from my SXSW presentation.
How to size text using ems - Well written article about text sizing, from Brightons' very own Richard "Clagnut" Rutter.
IE5 Mac oddities - More IE5 mac bugs
IE6 Duplicate Characters Bug - I came across a bug today very similar to this. Haven't had chance to isolate it yet, but randomly making divs position:absolute seemed to fix the issue.
IE7 - IE7 invokes a DHTML behavior to load and parse all style sheets into a form that Explorer can understand. You can then use most CSS2 selectors without having to resort to CSS hacks. Even though it's been around for a while, I'm yet to try it out as I have a personal aversion to hackery. However it does look interesting.
Inheritance vs Cascade - Quick introduction to the difference between inheritance and the cascade in CSS.
Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text - A new Flash image replacement technique.
Introduction to Browser-Specific CSS Hacks - Useful hacks primer. Just don't go trying this at home kids, unless you first get permission from a parent.
Introduction to CSS - From w3cschools
JavaScript Optimization - Ways of speeding up your Javascript.
Jeffrey Zeldman - CSS and web design right from the source
Jello - A Different Liquid Layout
Keep CSS Simple - Nice article on why CSS hacks can be bad.
Layout-o-matic - I generally don't like css layout generators, but this one actually looks quite nice. Not that I'll use it myself, but probably useful if you're a newbie looking to hit the floor running.
Link Specificity - Continuing on the pseudo-class theme, everything you wanted to know about links specificity but were afraid to ask.
Link monkey business - Following on from Simon Collisons excellent Ticked Off? article, Andy Clarke highlights some other uses for the :link and :visited pseudo-classes.
List Tutorial - Great tutorial about styling lists
Listamatic - Great article on styling lists using CSS
MACCAWS - Making a commercial case for web standards
Mac IE5 friendly sliding doors
Making Complex CSS Simple! - Nice presentation from Andrew Krespanis
Making IE 5 Specific CSS or Code - Using IE conditional comments for client side CSS filtering
Making the Jump to tableless design - My @media presentation
Managing CSS Hacks - Less hack management than hack organisation, but interesting none the less.
Min-Height: Fixed - Hacky but potentially quite useful.
Minimizing Flickering CSS Background Images in IE6
Modular CSS - Nice article on organising your CSS files by Mike Stenhouse
More Image Replacement - However this method works if you have images turned off.
Multiple Backgrounds in Safari - Fantastic. Safari 1.3 and 2.0 now supports CSS3 multiple backgrounds. I wonder what other CSS3 gems are hidden in there as well?
NCC Website Documentation - Excellent example of CSS documentation. Particularly useful if you're using external developers who may not be available in 6 months time when something needs to be changed. Commenting your code is important, but this level of documentation provides an overview not easy to get from comments.
NYPL: Style Guide - Learn about XHTML
Navigation Matrix - Nice CSS tabbed navigation experiment
NewbieHub - Web design for newbies
On having layout - The murky world of IE's "hasLayout" property. Recently updated and well worth reading if you build sites using CSS.
One Way to Design a Web Site - Nice write up about one persons development method. However I have to agree with a number of the comments that it seems odd to build the HTML first before thinking about the design.
Online CSS Optimizer - Optimize your CSS online
Online CSS Optimizer/Optimiser - It optimises your CSS online
Online CSS Optimizer/Optimiser - Optimise your CSS online :-)
PIXELLATED! - List of CSS sites
Pandora's Box (Model) of CSS Hacks and Other Good Intentions - Great post from Tantek
Position This! - A nice article from about CSS positioning
Project Mars - Redesigning smh.com.au & theage.com.au with css
Real World Style - More CSS layout articles
Really Undoing html.css - Interesting post from Eric about default browser CSS rules and how you can see a truly unstyled document in Firefox by renaming it's default style sheets.
Redundancy vs. Dependency - Very interesting read.
Revised Image Replacement
Robust CSS Drop Shadows - More drop shadows
Rounded Corners with CSS and JavaScript - The tile says it all really
Safari CSS Hack - Not tried it, can't vouch for it and don't like the fact that it has to be the last rule in your CSS. However it's there if you really need it.
Safari Info for Web Designers - CSS bugs, hacks etc at dive into mark
Selectutorial: CSS selectors
Semantics of <span> - Interesting article outlining how spans can be used to add meaning and structure to a document.
Seven Deadly Markup Sins - Nice article from Molly about common markup errors.
Simple Clearing of Floats - Interesting
Skip-a-dee-doo-dah - Just been reminded of this so thought I should blogmark it for future use.
Sliding Doors - A great way of creating scalable, graphical CSS based Tabs
Son of Suckerfish Dropdowns - Dropdowns using CSS and a sprinkling of JavaScript. Woof woof.
Strategies for Long-Term CSS Hack Management - Useful article on CSS hacks from Molly Holzschlag.
Style Master Templates Competition - Create some CSS templates. Win some prizes.
Styling form controls - A look at how various browsers handle the styling of form elements. Generally I don't mess with form element styling beyond setting dimensions and font sizes. However this is largely because Safari, my browser of choice, doesn't honour many of these styles.
Stylish, accessible forms - Courtesy of All that Malarkey
Target and Conditional Text Display - Nice use of the target pseudo-class and attribute selectors.
Ten Questions for Richard Rutter - Friend, colleague and local web superstar, Richard Rutter gets the 10 Questions treatment.
The Box Model Problem - A good explanation of IE5.x's box model problems and the simplified box model hack
The Definitive Post on Gzipping your CSS - Interesting idea.
The Way Forward with Web Standards - The full white paper for the more technical amongst you
The Web Standards Project - Learn about web standards
The XHTML Way - Nice article on the roots and reasoning behind XHTML
Transparent custom corners and borders - Take one clever rounded corner box method add some PNG's and a sprinkling of JavaScript, bake for half an hour on a low heat and voila!
Trimming form fields - Nice little tutorial explaining how you can allow the user to toggle form fields on and off using Javascript. I wanted to link to it when I first read it a few weeks ago, but it's taken till now to find the time.
Uncollapsing Margins - Great margin collapsing article from Eric
Universal Child Replacement - A clever way of faking the child selector.
Untold Mysteries of CSS - Good article about a few obscure features of CSS.
Untold Mysteries of CSS - Nice little article from Molly
Using display: inline-block - removes Mac IE5's need for explicit widths on floats
Web Design References: Cascading Style Sheets - Great list of CSS tutorials.
Web Standards Awards - Well designed CSS awards site
Web Standards Solutions - Just got this book from Amazon this morning, and am really looking forward to reading it. If I was going to write a book on web standards, it would be this one.
What Every Web Site Owner Should Know About Standards - MACCAWS have just released this excellent web standards primer. Show it to your boss, give it to your clients, link to it from your site.
What's in a name (pt2) - A bit late to the party I know, but I thought this post and Eric Meyers follow up post were well worth highlighting.
Whatever:hover - An interesting technique to get IE to produce a hover like effect on elements other than anchors
Why Clients Care About Web Standards - They don't. Sell the sizzle, not the sausage!
Why tables for layout is stupid - great little illustrated presentation
Writing Lean CSS - Another nice little article on using CSS shorthand and the cascade to optimise your stylesheets.
built for the future - Currently running a usit.com redesign competition
glish.com - CSS layout techniques
max-width in Internet Explorer
podGuide - Not sure how useful or practical this is, but you're got to admit it's a good marketing gimmick.